1.0. Pep Talk: The value of committing mistakes


Every week, we will have a Pep Talk. A pep talk is a conversation intended to boost (increase) the confidence of the group, to increase determination to succeed.

In our Pep talks, I will speak about strategies of Activating Your English.

I welcome you to watch our inaugural Pep Talk:

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When we embrace our mistakes and play them down - give them little importance - we will be able to speak English better. We make more mistakes when we are second-guessing ourselves - we are over thinking - we don't let the language flow. My tip for this week:

Let it go. Embrace the mistakes. I am here to guide you and give you a detailed feedback after the activities. So, we will speak about mistakes when needed - but not every single step of the way.

After all, we shouldn't be afraid to fail. Or better, we shouldn't be afraid to succeed.